Skelly and Loy’s Municipal Market clients range from the county government level through local (city/township) government organizations; however, clients also include various quasi-government and municipal public service or utility authorities.

Relative to specific services offered to our municipal clients, engineering-related services include civil (typical municipal services), environmental (including potable water and wastewater infrastructure, stormwater [MS4, NPDES, etc.]), and watershed and stream restoration). Skelly and Loy’s expertise in these specialized service areas often begins with providing assistance in securing grants and other project funding sources and continues through planning, design, permitting, and construction project phases. For water and wastewater systems, Skelly and Loy also provides licensed and certified staff for operations and oversight (such as stream restoration, stormwater management planning and design, hazard planning, and “Sustainable Engineering”) which are typical components of these types of projects.

Other specific work assignments include environmental documentation, trail and recreation plans, comprehensive plan development, and geo-environmental initiatives. These services include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs); investigation/remediation of brownfield sites, underground storage tanks, and asbestos/lead-based paint, and groundwater development.

Municipalities are using new business strategies to better manage and improve local government services. Geographic information system (GIS) technology offers municipalities a method for achieving this by providing a framework for quickly accessing maps, leveraging database information, and automating work processes. This analytical tool can be adapted to a variety of municipal departments and respond to endless requirements and other municipal management applications. Skelly and Loy is a leader in implementing complex GIS solutions and applying advanced mapping systems for local government, public, and private clients. Since GIS systems include features such as roads, water, sewer and other infrastructure locations and attributes, street lighting, signage, and other infrastructure systems that are managed by a municipality, this analytical tool can be used to address such needs as police and ambulance emergency response routing; stormwater management planning; optimization of snow removal, trash collection, or street cleaning routing; energy savings from low-energy lighting replacement strategies; sewer lining or replacement effort; street repaving; and many other municipal management applications.

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