Oil and Gas

Skelly and Loy has always had a focus on the environmentally sound and sustainable extraction and use of natural resources and has provided services to the mining, quarrying, electrical, and gas-producing and related industries throughout its history. Historically, the services provided to these sectors closely mirror those needed today by companies involved in exploration, extraction, and transportation of natural gas from Devonian-age shale. Skelly and Loy's ideal mix of engineering, natural, and life science disciplines represents a unique and valuable resource to the natural gas industry in the Marcellus and Utica basins. Skelly and Loy has assembled a multidisciplinary team which has the capability and experience to provide engineering, environmental, natural/ecological, and cultural resources services to assist the industry. Skelly and Loy has over 40 years of experience preparing a variety of state and federal permit packages including Federal Nationwide Permits and State General Permits. This knowledge, coupled with the working relationships that we have developed within each state and regional agency, allows us to deliver a comprehensive work product and have open dialogue with permitting agencies -- an asset to the client that is not found in many firms. Our knowledge of the regulatory process plus extensive regional experience involving water quality assessments (domestic supplies, streams/aquatics), wetland delineation, threatened and endangered species, and linear projects enhances the permitting process.

Our approach is to evaluate industry needs through the life-cycle of identifying reserves, obtaining lease agreements, pad design, drilling and production, gathering natural gas, and getting gas to market via existing and growing mid-stream pipeline networks.

Project Highlights

Skelly and Loy, Inc. conducted Pre-construction compliance reviews to identify applicable state and federal regulations associated with well...
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Skelly and Loy, Inc. conducted a wetland identification/delineation, environmental site assessment, and permitting associated with a water line replacement...
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Skelly and Loy provided environmental consulting services in support of replacement of approximately 200 feet of gas distribution...
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