Allison Hill Automotive Brownfields

Client : Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The 6.2-acre former Allison Hill Automotive site, home to industrial and manufacturing activities since the late 1800s, was a community eyesore, an environmental hazard, and a tax liability to the City of Harrisburg. Skelly and Loy identified and documented the numerous environmental hazards, then planned and monitored restoration/remediation activities involving hazardous substances/wastes, asbestos-containing materials, underground tank and contaminated soil removal, and building demolition, all in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Act 2 clean-up standards and Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program. The project's success allowed the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority to transfer a portion of the property to Hamilton Health Center, Inc. for construction of a new "medical mall," a win-win benefit for the Allison Hill Community and the City of Harrisburg.

Winner: 2014 Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence

Markets: Federal
Services: Environmental, Surveying


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