Martins Creek Power Plant Ash Disposal Site Assessments

Client : PPL Gen, LLC
Location: Bangor, Pennsylvania

When PPL (now Talen Energy) required assessment of potential wet and dry ash disposal sites at its Martins Creek Power Plant, it contracted Skelly and Loy to identify any engineering or environmental "fatal flaws" or other conditions of concern at five proposed locations. Groundwater and surface water, soil, and bedrock conditions were of particular interest. The data collected from Skelly and Loy's geophysical surveys, drilling and overburden sampling programs, and hydrogeological studies were incorporated in a site ranking system, allowing evaluation and comparison of positive and negative aspects of each site. The most promising sites were recommended for further evaluation/development. Recommendations were also provided regarding special site-specific construction requirements. Ultimately, PPL located the ash disposal operations at one of the Skelly and Loy-recommended sites.

Markets: Utilities
Services: Engineering, Environmental, GIS, Water Resources


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