Trowbridge Mine Plans and Reserve Evaluations

Client : Northern White Sand, LLP
Location: Auburn, Wisconsin

New mining plans were required for this site to incorporate new and updated information (e.g., property acquisitions, drilling activities) to the existing plans. Following Skelly and Loy's completion of the plans, the client expanded the work scope to include various reserves evaluations along with a review and comparative analysis of the new evaluations versus those performed by a prior consultant. Reserve evaluation deliverables included an updated base map, numerous isopleth maps, yearly mine plan maps, a potential final reclamation map, a potential future reserves map, and mining and reclamation cross sections and profile. Skelly and Loy's comparative analysis concluded that the reserve evaluation methodologies of the prior consultant were essentially identical to ours and that quantities varied primarily due to new information available for the latest evaluations.

Markets: Mining
Services: Engineering, Environmental, Permitting, Geology


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