Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance and Repairs

Client : Exelon Corporation
Location: Delta, Pennsylvania

AMS of Skelly and Loy, Inc., our wholly owned water resource systems construction, management, and operations subsidiary, has performed routine maintenance activities at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station wastewater treatment plant since 2000, including repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of pumps, gauges, sensors, chemical feed units, sand filters, piping, and other components. When internal structural repairs and repainting of the plant's steel equalization tank were required, a bypass system was needed to take the tank out of service. Skelly and Loy's engineering team designed and completed permitting applications for bypass piping and a comminuter. With AMS serving as general contractor, the bypass system was installed on schedule, well in advance of the required summer weather window to allow ideal conditions for repair and painting of the tank and to accommodate a planned reactor refueling outage in early fall. During the tank repair, a need for intensive welding repairs was identified. AMS, again in its role as general contractor, quickly coordinated revised work plans with Exelon and project subcontractors to complete the additional repairs. All tank repairs and painting were completed on schedule, allowing the outage to proceed as scheduled.

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