Infiltration Testing

Various types of soils investigations are involved in many different types of projects such as from site suitability for on-site treated wastewater and pretreated solid waste disposal, stormwater infiltration and management, archaeological investigations, and others. Our soil scientist capabilities provide an integral role in evaluating sites and documenting soil characteristics for these and other proposed land uses. Skelly and Loy's soil science approach provides a detailed assessment of the soil's capability to renovate and transmit water applied. Skelly and Loy's soil scientist qualifications include the national Certified Professional Soil Scientists (CPSS) certification with membership in the Pennsylvania Association of Professional Soil Scientists and National Society of Consulting Scientists, among other related professional organizations.

Our soils-related capabilities include performing evaluations and interpretations in the areas of wastewater treatment and disposal; stormwater management; archaeological investigation; wetlands identification, delineation, mitigation, and construction; land use planning; and environmental soil and site assessments. Site testing techniques include soil profile and morphological descriptions developed from backhoe pits or soil borings and soils infiltration testing (single- and double-ring, percolation and slug testing).


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