Stormwater Management Construction

Skelly and Loy offers full-service construction services related to stormwater management Best Management Practices and erosion control efforts. Current stormwater management objectives and regulations are based on reducing stormwater runoff volume, improving runoff water quality, and controlling/reducing peak runoff rates. Various "green" stormwater management techniques - Best Management Practices (BMPs) - can be used to achieve these objectives. Often times, land development activities are required to implement these systems in order to comply with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting requirements. Skelly and Loy's construction team is experienced in these types of structural BMPs for stormwater management as well as other erosion and sediment control techniques. Construction experience includes building various BMPs including rain gardens, vegetated bioswales, stormwater volume containment and infiltration systems, stormwater basin retrofits, and various other practices. Relative to erosion and sediment control projects, in addition to conventional techniques, construction projects have included stormwater gully stabilization and renaturalization, stream riparian buffer replanting, floodplain rehabilitation, and other environmentally sensitive approaches. Construction experience includes new system installations, existing system upgrades, and system retrofits.


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