Stream Restoration Construction

Skelly and Loy offers turnkey design/build construction services related to natural stream channel stabilization and restoration. Skelly and Loy's construction team is experienced in these types of environmentally sensitive practices that achieve the overall streambank and channel stabilization objectives while incorporating additional aesthetic and biological habitat enhancement benefits. These natural techniques are founded in the use of fluvial geomorphic principles which use natural rock, riparian shrub and tree plantings, and soils engineering to restore stream stability. Construction experience includes building various in-stream structures such as cross rock vanes, stacked boulder bank revetments, reconnecting natural floodplains, riparian buffer restoration and plantings, and numerous other techniques. Skelly and Loy's staff has been invited on numerous occasions to provide training to other contractors and construction supervisory personnel (including continuing education competency accreditation for Professional Development Hours certifications) for the purpose of demonstrating proper construction methodologies for these natural design and construction techniques.


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