Construction Inspection and Monitoring

Skelly and Loy provides construction inspection and monitoring services for a variety of construction projects. Projects in which Skelly and Loy provides construction oversight include civil and environmental engineering aspects such as but not limited to pavement repair and/or replacement, grading, Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Treatment Systems, stormwater management, wetlands, stream relocation, water flow control structures, dams, and utility work. These construction inspection projects are not necessarily performed for projects that we have designed. We also assist municipalities by providing construction monitoring for their own projects. During the supervision of construction activities, we also prepare construction monitoring reports, review shop drawings, review contractors' applications for payment, attend job conferences, prepare meeting minutes, and prepare Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Plans. Skelly and Loy staff will visit your construction site regularly, especially during key construction activities, or can be stationed there on a full-time basis to observe the contractor throughout the construction period. By providing construction inspection services, we can help the owner avoid construction complications including defective work or work not in conformance with the construction drawings, thereby saving the owner time and money at a later date.



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