Industrial Facilities Environmental Engineering

Skelly and Loy provides comprehensive environmental engineering services to a myriad of industrial clients. Services performed include wastewater and stormwater evaluations and design, potable/process water systems engineering, hazardous and nonhazardous waste reporting and consultations, hazardous communications and spill plan preparation, and pollution prevention/energy efficiency (P2E2) evaluations. In the wastewater arena, we characterize waste constituents, develop source reduction and/or treatment plans, select and install treatment equipment, and analyze discharge compliance. Skelly and Loy also performs potable/process water availability, treatment and distribution analyses for adequate supply, and acceptable quality water. We also perform stormwater system permitting and inspections, stormwater quality evaluations, and preparation of spill prevention and response plans. Skelly and Loy also performs comprehensive waste reporting for industrial clients including Sara Title II, community right-to-know, toxic release, and waste source reduction reports.



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