Land Development

In order to develop land today, developers must first obtain a multitude of permits or approvals prior to the construction of new buildings or simply for the expansion of existing facilities. Almost every proposed project requires approval from the local municipality and the county in which the project site is situated. Some of these permits/approvals may include erosion and sedimentation control, a wetland permit, a highway occupancy permit, NPDES permitting, and/or a sewage facilities planning module. The approval/permit process requires that documentation of the project be prepared and submitted to the appropriate reviewing/approval agencies. This documentation usually comes in the form of reports and drawings outlining the project. These are typically identified as Land Development Plans. The Land Development Plans typically include the project layout (i.e., buildings, parking, etc.), site grading, stormwater management, erosion and sedimentation pollution control, site analysis data and construction stakeout surveying, construction profiles, and details. The reviewing/approving agencies require that these plans be prepared in order to determine if the proposed project is in compliance with the ordinances and regulations pertaining to the project site and its surrounding area. Skelly and Loy has a broad range of experience in the preparation of Land Development Plans. We provide assistance through the permitting process to property owners, developers, and other individuals or organizations seeking to develop land or simply to expand existing facilities. Our familiarity with the land development approval process provides a major asset to the client in coordinating the permit process.



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