Cultural/Historic Resources

Skelly and Loy's Cultural Resources Service Group was established in 1989 and since that time has been providing the full range of Cultural Resources Management services for federal and state agencies, governments, tribes, and private clients. These services include all facets of archaeological, historic, historic structures, geomorphological research, predictive modeling, National Register evaluations, HABS/HAER Recordation, and public outreach and education. Skelly and Loy is both sufficiently diversified to fulfill any required cultural resources investigation and specialized enough to concurrently address unique project-specific challenges using creative, pragmatic approaches. Skelly and Loy maintains its strong position as one of the leading cultural resources service providers in the Mid-Atlantic region by supplying cost-effective and timely cultural resources services through its highly qualified and experienced personnel. Our staff is comprised of energetic and knowledgeable cultural resources professionals including archaeologists, historians, architectural historians, technical analysts, geomorphologists, soil scientists, geologists, land surveyors, GIS and CADD specialists, and other support staff.


Agreement Documents
Background Research and Context Development
Effect Evaluations
HABS HAER Recordations
Historic Structures Survey
National Register Evaluations
Open End Contracts
Phase I Archaeological Survey
Phase II Archaeological Testing
Phase III Archaeological Mitigation
Predictive Modeling
Public Outreach and Education


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