HABS HAER Recordations

Historically significant buildings and structures are often documented as a way to preserve a detailed record of them. The documentation can be done in acknowledgement of a variety of reasons: the historical or architectural significance of the resource, inclusion in local municipal government or historical society inventories, impending loss through neglect or demolition, or as mitigation under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Nationally significant resources are entered into the holdings of the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and Historic American Engineer Record (HAER), which are maintained by the Library of Congress. Other resource documentations are placed in state or local libraries and archives.

When completing HABS/HAER or the equivalent state-level documentations, detailed knowledge and skill sets are necessary: familiarity with specialized source material and repositories, facility in conducting in-depth research, the ability to take large-format and other high quality photographs, and the capacity to present the material in an interesting and readable fashion. Skelly and Loy's Cultural Resources professionals have the required experience and specialized knowledge to create high-quality HABS/HAER and state-level recordations. Our historians and architectural historians have documented such resources as abandoned steel mills, bridges, architecturally significant buildings, and transportation resources.


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