Agreement Documents

Skelly and Loy has prepared a wide range of project- and program-specific Programmatic Agreements (PA), Memoranda of Agreement (MOA), and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). The agreements provide a consultative document written among parties to work together on an agreed-on project or to meet an agreed-on objective. PAs establish the process for consultation, review, and compliance with one or more federal laws. PAs are used when the effects of an undertaking are not fully known, and they can be either project-specific or procedural in scope. MOAs are used to resolve known and definable adverse effects on historic properties that result from a federal undertaking. They outline the necessary steps for the completion of the project and the mitigation of the adverse effects. MOUs generally represent a multilateral agreement among parties that expresses a convergence of will among the parties and indicates an intended common line of action.

Skelly and Loy's cultural resources professionals have been instrumental in helping the Pennsylvania and Delaware Departments of Transportation (PennDOT and DelDOT) to formulate program-specific PAs to streamline the Section 106 process. We have completed cultural resources research under many project- and program-specific PAs, MOAs, and MOUs for various state and federal agencies in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Agreement Documents
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