Phase I Archaeological Survey

Surveying to identify archaeological sites is the first stage of archaeological research in the Section 106 process. The goal of an archaeological survey is to systematically locate, map, and describe any archaeological resources within a project area. The key components of archaeological surveys include the establishment of a project Area of Potential Effects (APE), background research, field work, analysis, and presentation of the resulting data. We investigate pre-contact (Native American) and historical period sites of all types, shapes, and sizes including urban and industrial sites, rural agricultural and domestic sites, mills, pottery manufacturing sites, military sites, canals, and many more.

Skelly and Loy's archaeologists use a variety of field methods including pedestrian reconnaissance, controlled surface collection, close interval shovel testing, hand-excavated test units, remote sensing, magnetometry, resistivity, and machine-excavated trenching. Using one or a combination of field methods appropriate to the expected archaeological resources ensures that the survey is completed in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner and provides the highest quality results. We have successfully completed thousands of archaeological surveys for governmental, tribal, and private clients since 1989. Skelly and Loy employs a permanent staff of Principal Investigators and archaeological supervisors and technicians to conduct the full spectrum of archaeological investigations. Our cultural resources staff meets or exceeds the applicable National Park Service Professional Qualifications (36 CFR Part 61) for the tasks to which they are assigned.


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Phase I Archaeological Survey
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