Public Outreach and Education

The Skelly and Loy team has long been a champion of creative and effective public outreach and education programs. Public outreach occurs during all phases of projects : from early planning through mitigation. Over the years, our extensive public involvement efforts have resulted in several awards. We have conducted outreach with the general public and with consulting parties including Native Americans, students, professional societies, avocational archaeologists and historians, and local governments. We have incorporated ideas and programs formulated by consulting parties into agreement documents.

Skelly and Loy has conducted myriad public hearings, meetings, and informant interviews and has produced a wide variety of products to disseminate information concerning cultural resources to the public and to foster public appreciation of local cultural resources. We have generated posters, brochures, driving and walking tours, wayside signage and kiosks, websites, museum exhibits, educational lesson plans, and internships. In order to mitigate the loss of historic bridges, we have written management plans and maintenance manuals to identify, evaluate, and preserve remaining bridges of a certain historic type-in particular, stone arch bridges and metal truss bridges. We have engaged in statewide archaeology month celebrations where we have provided hands-on archaeological excavation experience to individuals of all ages. We have also provided meeting speakers for groups as diverse as the Society for American Archaeology, the American Society of Highway Engineers, and the Kiwanis Club. We strive to create innovative programs that are engaging and effective for both the intended audience and our client.


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Public Outreach and Education


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