Indoor Air Quality Studies

Skelly and Loy's industrial hygiene staff has performed numerous investigations to determine the root cause of indoor air quality (IAQ) problems. Our staff draws on its past experience conducting IAQ investigations in residential homes, schools, office buildings, and industrial facilities to identify and develop cost-effective remedial approaches for mitigating IAQ issues.

Our IAQ investigations are conducted in a comprehensive and systematic fashion for collecting site-specific information. It has been our experience that indoor air quality problems result from an interaction between contaminant sources, building sites, building structure, activities within the building, mechanical equipment, indoor air climate, and building occupants. We are experienced in performing formal interviews with employees, conducting on-site testing using our in-house equipment, and developing/recommending cost-effective control strategies following U.S. EPA, ASHRAE, and ACGIH guidelines. Such mitigation strategies have included source control, ventilation modifications, air cleaning equipment/techniques, and exposure control minimization.


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