Aquatic Studies

Skelly and Loy has extensive experience with stream assessments and aquatic studies. We have performed numerous water quality and aquatic assessments throughout Pennsylvania and the eastern United States. These studies are beneficial for clients to address Federal Clean Water Act requirements including Aquatic Life Use Attainment (Section 305b), Nonpoint Source Pollution (Section 319), TMDLs (Section 303d), NPDES (Section 402), and state water quality certification (Section 401). Our experience involves the assessment of the physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the stream environment. We are well-versed with study protocols outlined in the U.S. EPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocols Manual (July 1999) for evaluating aquatic systems. We have extensive understanding with kick-net and surber sampling techniques for characterizing benthic macroinvertebrate communities and electro-shocking techniques for fish communities. Our staff includes aquatic biologists who are skilled in macroinvertebrate, mussel, and fish identification. Our work efforts also include extensive work with water quality and quantity assessments. We are experienced with proper water chemistry sampling techniques and protocols. Our staff is qualified in water quality modeling and predicting environmental and aquatic impacts. We have the capabilities for measuring and modeling both large and small stream systems. Our familiarity includes stream flow assessments to satisfy Q7-10 requirements.


Aquatic Studies
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