Threatened And Endangered Species Studies

Compliance with federal and state protection statutes can be an issue with any project potentially affecting a protected species or critical habitat, including transportation, land development, infrastructure development, and resource extraction. Federal and state endangered species regulations can be challenging and require solutions based on an exceptional degree of both biological and innovative engineering design. While many firms offer broad-based natural resources services, threatened and endangered species services represent a specialized niche arena. Skelly and Loy's strength for answering the requirements of this rigorous field is our expert staff, with several being recognized as qualified species experts by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and state wildlife organizations. Providing effective consulting services within this arena requires the establishment of a working relationship with the USFWS and state agencies, the establishment of an acceptable level of expertise with the resource agencies for the species, and the ability to effectively evaluate preferred habitat and survey for the species. Natural resources experts with broad-based experience and sound technical skills work together to produce the superior work for which the firm is well known among clients and regulatory agencies alike. Ensuring regulatory compliance for the client while delivering the project goal has been the doctrine by which our scientists operate.


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Threatened And Endangered Species Studies
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