Wetland Mitigation

Skelly and Loy has over 20 years of experience with wetland mitigation services and has a staff of more than 40 biologists, botanists, engineers, hydrogeologists, and soil scientists who are experienced in wetland mitigation design. Skelly and Loy has successfully designed more than 100 wetland mitigation projects, including creation, restoration, enhancement, and preservation design projects. Our understanding of the regulatory requirements and our experience with various design strategies allows us to develop custom mitigation planning which is uniquely suited to our clients' needs. Successful mitigation planning involves site feasibility assessment, conceptual (permitting phase) design, and final design and contract administration, all of which are prepared in a timely and cost-effective manner. Recently, Skelly and Loy began to explore design strategies to marry wetland mitigation requirements with NPDES Phase II planning requirements. The combined use of wetland mitigation and post-construction stormwater management areas is a new planning initiative which is struggling for regulatory acceptance, despite the origin of both programs (404 and NPDES) being the Clean Water Act. Skelly and Loy is pioneering design programs and projects which amalgamate the 404 and NPDES program goals into a single planning effort.


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