Public Involvement

Public involvement can be an important part of the project development process for those projects that could affect a community. The active involvement of local municipalities, residents, and business owners can improve the project sponsor's, and their planners and engineers, understanding of community issues while providing a broad-based platform for identifying alternative solutions. To maximize public involvement efforts, our staff members have adopted the primary goal of creating a collaborative environment within the planning process. Skelly and Loy has extensive experience in developing and managing public involvement programs of all sizes. Our experienced staff is devoted to establishing meaningful public involvement activities by facilitating communication among all stakeholders.

Skelly and Loy can arrange, organize, and participate in municipal and public meetings, forums, and hearings. We have in-house capabilities to develop visual presentations and renderings, informational documents, newsletters, public service announcements, websites, and news releases. We also have a thorough understanding of group dynamics and can employ conflict resolution techniques to engage all stakeholders when addressing potentially controversial issues.

In recent years, conflict resolution techniques have increasingly become popular tools to engage stakeholder discussions about contentious issues. Skelly and Loy believes that conflict resolution is a viable tool for solving public and private disputes, as it can save valuable time and money. Consequently, we are dedicated to staying abreast of current conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution methods and techniques. To accomplish this, Skelly and Loy is committed to staff training in conflict resolution and meeting facilitation skills.


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