AST and UST Design

Skelly and Loy's engineering and environmental professionals routinely perform services related to storage tank system design, whether for a new facility or to upgrade an existing system. Skelly and Loy's team of specialists is familiar with state and federal requirements and has an extensive knowledge of standard industry practices as well as specific manufacturer's requirements. Site constraints such as existing structures and traffic patterns are evaluated so that recommendations will allow for the most efficient use of the planned infrastructure upgrade. Skelly and Loy makes certain that all bases are covered prior to initiation of site work to ensure a smooth project that will allow for the existing business to fully operate without disruption of services.

New storage tank facilities present a unique challenge as state and federal regulations have never been more stringent at the design stage. This regulatory involvement requires that proper foresight be provided to achieve approval of the design. Skelly and Loy's excellent working relationship with regulators allows our clients to focus on their business rather than the permitting process.

The experience of our engineering/environmental professionals will ensure that design packages will be prepared to minimize the regulatory approval process. Our storage tank professional are eager to assist you with your next project.

Storage Tank Services:

AST and UST Closures
AST and UST Design
AST and UST Installations
AST and UST Upgrades
USTIF Insurance Program Assistance
Storage Tank Management Plans


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