USTIF Insurance Program Assistance

Skelly and Loy recognized the need to establish a financial surety program to serve storage tank owners for addressing storage tank releases long before the regulated community met with state officials and devised a self-funded insurance program. Several of our staff had input into the legislation that ultimately became the Pennsylvania Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF). This fund allows storage tank owners to be reimbursed for site clean-up costs. We have been able to procure financial assistance on behalf of our clients, many times on projects where claims were initially disapproved. Skelly and Loy's expertise in securing USTIF funding has resulted in a significant cost savings to our clients.

Several other state and federal agencies have grants or low interest loans available for storage tank owners to perform environmental cleanups and associated remediation activities. We have assisted clients in obtaining grants for non-regulated storage tank removals through the Pennsylvania Pump and Plug program. Skelly and Loy is also familiar with additional grant and loan programs to allow our clients to recoup much of the costs associated with maintaining compliance with state and federal requirements, regardless of whether the storage tank system is regulated or not. We have provided such services to state agencies, municipalities, local governments, and private sector clients. Our storage tank professionals are available to discuss potential funding options with you.

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