Geographic Information Systems

Skelly and Loy has been providing quality Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services for over ten years. Our dedicated staff supplements our extensive list of software capabilities to provide a full range of client services. Together, our expert staff and technology have allowed the Skelly and Loy team to become leaders in the GIS/Information Technology fields.

Skelly and Loy provides numerous GIS services customized to meet your needs, large or small, whether it is a future land use map for a small township or a city-wide, multi-user geodatabase used to maintain infrastructure. Our database professionals design, deploy, and maintain diverse data stores across the geospatial enterprise. We support national geospatial standards and interoperability issues across and within agencies and are always prepared for organizational change, adapting to data usage and access requirements, and adjusting our technology easily to support shifting program scales. Skelly and Loy's team has developed GIS in support of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Assessments (EA), Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, wetland mitigations, habitat assessments, corridor studies, alternatives analyses, historic architecture assessment, and archaeological site prediction models as well as providing GIS services for numerous transportation, municipal, environmental, engineering, mining, and cultural clients.

In addition to applying desktop GIS technology, our dedicated application developers design custom software programs and web-based applications to support our enterprise GIS services. Leveraging our secure web-based technology allows our clients to access their data real time via the Internet.


    Data Acquistion
    Data Analysis
    Map Production
    3D Visualization
    Database Design and Development
    Application Design and Development
    GIS Consulting
    Web Based GIS Design and Development
    Web Development
    Web Hosting
    Graphics and Multimedia Design


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