Coal Ash Management

Many coal-fired plants want to limit landfilling their coal ash byproducts. Fly ash, bottom ash, basin ash, and flue gas desulfurization products in some cases may be recycled as beneficial uses such as road construction, building products, and mine reclamation including acid mine drainage neutralization. Pennsylvania currently allows placement of ash in abandoned mine lands as a part of reclamation efforts. The abandoned mine problem in Pennsylvania is immense with over 175,000 acres being affected. While the need for reclamation is great, Pennsylvania and other states have enacted strict guidelines and regulations which determine how this ash material is managed. Skelly and Loy's experience with mining operations and knowledge of historic bituminous and anthracite mining regions enables the company to successfully develop monitoring and reclamation plans to meet current regulations.

Certification of ash as beneficial use is required from all generators of this product. Skelly and Loy is experienced in assisting coal ash generators in the process of obtaining and maintaining approval status for the beneficial use of coal ash.

Skelly and Loy also works with mine operators in developing remining and reclamation plans suitable for ash placement as a beneficial use.



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