Coal Preparation/Mineral Processing Studies

Skelly and Loy's personnel are experienced in working with mineral industry processing techniques used to produce a specification product. This experience includes analyzing exploration data to determine if desired quality levels can be attained via processing and from examining and sampling existing processing facilities to determine if specific mineral properties can be achieved from the beneficiation being applied. We apply exploration data analyses to develop process flow diagrams that can be employed by plant manufacturers/contractors to design plant flowsheets inclusive of capacities, mass balance, and equipment specifications consistent with the desired product requirements. We have also worked for several clients in the capacity of quality control inspectors to ensure that contractors delivered a processing plant that performed to specification. We perform analyses of existing processing facilities to determine if the plant is being efficiently operated and maintained and to determine if the desired mineral qualities can be achieved. Recommendations made from our evaluations have resulted in improved plant performance (and resulting cost savings).



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