Geological Investigations and Reserve Studies

Skelly and Loy's geologists have extensive experience in every phase of the resource evaluation process including initial literature reviews, field investigations, exploratory drilling and sampling programs, geologic mapping, quality projections, and reserve computations. We offer a full range of reserve evaluation services to meet our clients' needs. In addition to defining the quality and quantity of a specific resource, staff geologists, mining engineers, and geotechnical engineers have completed in-depth geologic studies for ongoing mining operations related to mine subsidence, slope stability concerns, hydrogeologic issues, and other ground control conditions that have been encountered which affect the economic development of the property. It should be noted that Skelly and Loy utilizes Carlson Mining Software for complete three-dimensional geologic modeling capabilities. Final modeling products range from isopleth and isopach plan maps and sections to 3-D renderings of the reserve.


  • Coal Ash Management
  • Coal Preparation/Mineral Processing Studies
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Fatal Flaw Analysis
  • Financial Evaluations/Valuations/Mineral Economics
  • Fuel Procurement Investigations
  • Geological Investigations and Reserve Studies
  • Geochemical Modeling
  • Market Studies
  • Mine and Quarry Planning
  • Mine Drainage Treatment
  • Mine Feasibility Studies
  • Mine Operation Audits
  • Mine Permitting
  • Mining Hydrogeology
  • Reclamation Planning
  • Sale/Acquisition Analysis
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