Mine Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are desirable at various stages of project development and during the operating life of a mine. Preliminary feasibility studies and evaluations should be done in the early stages of planned mineral property development and prior to the outlay or commitment of significant capital in a high-risk venture. Once adequate prospecting has been done to classify a resource as a mineral reserve and the investment risks are lowered, alternative development plans (logical schedule of development and operation) should be given consideration. Alternative plans need to be evaluated for costs (capital and operating), product marketability, pricing, transportation, and environmental issues. Skelly and Loy can provide expertise in all areas of feasibility studies for proposed and active mine projects. Such investigations may vary in detail from general mining potential to comprehensive feasibility studies encompassing all aspects of an operation, resulting in documents considered "bankable" by financial institutions. Our staff of mining, civil, and environmental (water and wastewater) engineers; geologists, hydrologists, and hydrogeologists; mineral economists; and environmental scientists can provide expert opinions on the viability of a proposed project or changes to an existing operation.


  • Coal Ash Management
  • Coal Preparation/Mineral Processing Studies
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Fatal Flaw Analysis
  • Financial Evaluations/Valuations/Mineral Economics
  • Fuel Procurement Investigations
  • Geological Investigations and Reserve Studies
  • Geochemical Modeling
  • Market Studies
  • Mine and Quarry Planning
  • Mine Drainage Treatment
  • Mine Feasibility Studies
  • Mine Operation Audits
  • Mine Permitting
  • Mining Hydrogeology
  • Reclamation Planning
  • Sale/Acquisition Analysis
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