Water Supply Planning and Permitting

The assessment of potential impacts resulting from the withdrawal of groundwater is complex and requires the services of experienced hydrogeologists. Skelly and Loy provides a comprehensive variety of quality, cost-effective, and responsive solutions to assist clients in solving complex water resource problems and reduce their environmental liabilities.

We have successfully completed hundreds of water supply projects involving source development, protection, and permitting for numerous municipalities, industries, land developers, contractors, utilities, resorts, water parks, schools, golf courses, private water companies, engineering firms, and state and federal agencies. From planning to development and testing to permitting of high-yield supply wells, we have a solid reputation in the industry that is well-respected by the regulatory community (e.g., townships, PA DEP, SRBC, DRBC, and United States Army Corps of Engineers).

Our staff of hydrogeologists and environmental engineers has assisted clients in successfully completing their groundwater supply exploration and development projects by providing expert services that include the following.

  • High-Yield Supply Well Siting, Design, Construction, and Development
  • Fracture Trace Analysis
  • Production Well Performance Evaluation and Rehabilitation
  • Aquifer/Pumping Tests and Monitoring of Sensitive Receptors
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Resource Management
  • New Source Surface/Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting (SRBC, DRBC, and PA DEP)
  • Act 220 Water Withdrawal Registration
  • Wellfield Development and Management
  • Potable Water Sampling and Analysis
  • Source Water/Wellhead Protection
  • Groundwater Quality Evaluation
  • Groundwater Availability Studies
  • Water Budget Analysis
  • Subservices:

    Allow our hydrogeologists and environmental engineers the opportunity to demonstrate how their professional experience and capabilities can benefit your next water supply development project.


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