FEMA Elevation Certificates

A FEMA Elevation Certificate documents the home and outlying structures to show an accurate relationship between flood elevations and the elevations of the buildings to be used to determine if flood insurance is necessary. Skelly and Loy prepares FEMA Elevation Certificates required for the purpose of determining whether or not a property requires flood insurance and advises a potential builder of the nature of the flood elevation, set out by FEMA, in regard to future planned construction. We also provide the LOMA or LOMR-F documentation if that level of certification is required.

Recent revisions to the FEMA flood maps are having an impact to many buyers, lenders, and people seeking to refinance or remodel their homes. FEMA has launched an initiative to more accurately map the flood boundaries across the country and some of the officially revised maps came out in 2012. This will benefit some, but will also place the burden of flood insurance on some of those who thought that their properties were outside the delineated boundaries. At times, the burden of flood insurance is because just a portion of the property being shown is within a flood boundary and at other times most of the property falls within the flood boundary.



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