Water Resources

Water Resources

Since water resources are such a critical component of most environmentally related projects, this subject area is a foundational part of a very wide spectrum of Skelly and Loy's core service areas. Water resources, therefore, are an essential aspect of projects related to water quality and quantity (e.g., floodplain and stormwater management) studies, aquatic and hydrologically dependent ecosystems, stream mitigation, dam safety, watershed assessment, groundwater and water supply studies, and land development efforts. Skelly and Loy has extensive experience in dealing with these types of water-related issues, including investigative studies, planning, design, construction services, and operations and maintenance (O&M). Our full-service water management capabilities broaden the complete services that the firm provides. In the area of investigative studies, our services span a wide array of capabilities, including computer hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood control, floodplain delineation, floodplain management, permit applications, low-flow determinations, stormwater management, water balances, dam safety inspections, and watershed management. Our design services also include erosion and sedimentation control structures, ponds, stormwater facilities and MS4/NPDES compliance efforts, stream channel stabilization, wetlands and waterway structures, and acid mine drainage treatment. Skelly and Loy also has unique in-house capabilities to provide construction services related to water management and water quality-oriented projects, including design/build services related to stream restoration, stormwater management, and E&S control. Engineering services related to construction also include construction bidding and contract coordination, stakeout, on-site representation during construction, and construction inspections and certifications of facilities and structures. We also offer O&M of stormwater facilities, lakes and ponds, and flood-control systems.


  • Dam Design, Inspection, and Safety
  • Floodplain Studies
  • Grant Application Assistance
  • Hydrology/Hydraulics Assessment and Design
  • Remedial Design
  • Sediment Transport Analysis
  • Stormwater Management Design
  • Stream Restoration Design
  • Water Resources Investigation
  • AMD Watershed Assessment
  • Watershed Assessment and Restoration
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