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AMD Watershed Assessment

Skelly and Loy is involved with ecosystem restoration of abandoned mine lands and abandoned mine drainage (AMD) abatement by assisting organizations with watershed assessments to identify and prioritize AMD sources and develop remediation plans as part of the watershed restoration efforts. Our company's experience concentrates on developing watershed solutions by utilizing the results of comprehensive field investigations involving extensive data collection and the preparation of available topographic information to conceptually design effective passive and/or active treatment systems as part of developing a remediation plan for the watershed. Another important part of the assessment process is to research mine maps within the watershed to understand the extent of mine workings, both surface and underground, to understand the AMD sources and possibly reduce infiltration points as a source reduction measure or recommend beneficial reclamation measures. Skelly and Loy's projects range from watershed assessment and conceptual remediation system design to full-scale engineering design and the preparation of bid documents and construction cost estimates for use in obtaining the necessary funding from various sources to construct the engineering designed treatment system(s). Through analysis of field and historical water quality and flow data for each identified AMD source including the use of geochemical modeling (Geochemist Workbench®) to evaluate the treatability and effects on the watershed of remediating specific sources, the assessment and remediation plan process provides a useful tool to complete the watershed restoration steps necessary for future removal from 303(d) impairment lists and achievement of TMDL load reductions for AMD contaminants.


  • Dam Design, Inspection, and Safety
  • Floodplain Studies
  • Grant Application Assistance
  • Hydrology/Hydraulics Assessment and Design
  • Remedial Design
  • Sediment Transport Analysis
  • Stormwater Management Design
  • Stream Restoration Design
  • Water Resource Investigation
  • AMD Watershed Assessment
  • Watershed Assessment and Restoration
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