Water / Wastewater

Skelly and Loy provides comprehensive design and operations services related to potable water and wastewater treatment systems to a wide range of municipal and private clients. Our services include preliminary evaluation and feasibility consulting, design and permitting for new systems and upgrades/modifications to existing systems, operations consulting, and engineering support. Skelly and Loy has designed and permitted potable water systems ranging from individual residential well systems to small commercial systems to large municipal systems utilizing various treatment technologies (filtration, chemical addition, sequestering, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange, chlorination, and ultraviolet disinfection). Skelly and Loy has designed and permitted wastewater systems ranging from small scale residential systems to pump stations to large commercial and municipal systems utilizing various treatment technologies (conventional activated sludge, sequencing batch reactors, oxidation ditches, membrane bioreactors, fixed film reactors, facultative lagoons, and tertiary treatment including solids, organic, and nutrient removal) with discharge to surface waters or land-based systems (in-ground seepage beds, elevated sand mounds, at-grade beds, spray irrigation, drip irrigation, subsurface disposal). Skelly and Loy also has a qualified staff of certified water and wastewater treatment system operators to provide either full-time or oversight operations assistance to support day-to-day on-site facility operations staff.



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