Solid Waste Facilities Services

Skelly and Loy provides environmental engineering services to the solid waste industry. Services include ongoing monitoring at operational landfills, sampling at closed or unpermitted landfills, stormwater evaluations at solid waste facilities, and designing and permitting waste transfer facilities. The multidisciplinary Skelly and Loy team is uniquely qualified to provide the full range of waste management, environmental impact, historical resource, and community involvement services necessary on a typical solid waste project. Our team approach, which includes the immediate and direct involvement of all stakeholders in the process, results in early identification and development of solutions to problems that may be project stoppers if left unattended. This approach has proved successful on numerous projects.


  • Large On-Lot Disposal Systems Engineering
  • Solid Waste Facilities Services
  • Wastewater Engineering
  • Wastewater Operations
  • Water Availability Evaluations
  • Potable Water Systems Design
  • Water Treatment Operations
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