Wastewater Engineering

Skelly and Loy has extensive experience in the operation, design, and permitting of wastewater treatment facilities. These facilities range from publicly owned community domestic wastewater treatment facilities to smaller (less than 1,000,000 gpd) privately held systems. In all projects, Skelly and Loy works with the local municipality and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to assure compliance with all local ordinances as well as state and federal laws and regulations. On all wastewater projects, Skelly and Loy evaluates all options available to assure that the most cost-effective environmentally acceptable option is selected. Skelly and Loy keeps abreast of all potential funding sources to assist in the financing of any proposed collection or treatment system construction or upgrade.


  • Large On-Lot Disposal Systems Engineering
  • Solid Waste Facilities Services
  • Wastewater Engineering
  • Wastewater Operations
  • Water Availability Evaluations
  • Potable Water Systems Design
  • Water Treatment Operations
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