Water Treatment Operations

Skelly and Loy offers full-service potable water treatment systems operations and maintenance services to a wide range of municipal and private treatment system owners. Skelly and Loy has licensed water treatment system operators on staff who are certified in Pennsylvania to operate systems ranging from Class A through Class E (less than 100,000 gpd to over 5 mgd). Operational experience includes residential systems to small commercial systems to large municipal systems utilizing various treatment technologies (filtration, chemical addition, sequestering, activated carbon adsorption, chlorination, ultraviolet disinfection, and ozonation). Services include routine system performance monitoring and adjustment, system operational troubleshooting, repairs, training and oversight, regulatory compliance reporting, permit renewals, new systems startups, and system upgrade recommendations. Operations services also include oversight and monitoring of related water system components including distribution, storage, chemical feed, and disinfection systems. Services also include system component repair, maintenance, and upgrade capabilities. All staff members are 40-hour OSHA certified and confined space entry trained for emergency response.


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